On this site there are things I have personally tried, and other things it is through research. We all are learning and I hope I can give something back as you visit here. Thanks!

Many people spend most of their time in urban areas, so it would be prudent to prepare for emergencies that may occur while you're at work, rest or play. Man-made and natural disasters are things you can prepare for. Start today if you haven't yet.
Learn outdoor skills to gain the confidence you would need if you ever found yourself in an emergency situation in the great outdoors. These skills and knowledge in many instances transfer to to urban emergencies as well.
Natural disasters may occur at any time in every place. Have a look in your area for the most probable events that may occur and prepare accordingly. Having kits, supplies and a family plan will move you along in the event a disaster strikes.
As I have said elsewhere on my site:
“Emergency preparations is not about being paranoid, but being provident while sanely assessing the potential hazards that may occur in your area, and to prepare accordingly”.

Meet Sandy. She must know something, she is in the shelter she built :)

Power  outages, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and other natural as well as man-made disasters are things we hear and see in the news regularly.

Perhaps you have been involved in such emergencies. Even a day hike or a canoe trip can go wrong.

I personally need to get back to it for I fell behind when I moved away from the area I was living in. I have to start again from the beginning for some things but I have it in mind to do it. So as resources permit, I'll do a little at a time.

Begin with learning why it is important to prepare, study up on the subject including going through this website to learn more, and then go out and do it.

Remember that if you have children they will learn from your examples. If you demonstrate the importance of preparing for times of emergencies they'll see it and will want to emulate you.

City of Vancouver: Are You Prepared for an Earthquake?

Planning ahead for times of emergencies can save you and your posterity for many generations to come.

The world is a dangerous place to live in, but need not be a place to have to live in fear. Do what you can to prepare, and as you progress you'll have more confidence to face challenges that may come your way.

I'll make a little suggestion here as well, it is to declutter your life of things you don't really need. This helps when you are moving!

Regardless of our level of preparations or lack thereof, we can all do our best to prepare and improve so that we may be ready for disasters, whether they be man-made or natural.

I hope that this website will help and encourage you in your preparations to become more self reliant during a time of emergency.

Thank you, and enjoy your visit.


Remember that emergencies may occur at any time. Make preparations according to the risks in your region, have a plan to set in motion should something happen, and be properly equipped with the right kits as well as knowledge to cope more successfully.

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LDS Preparedness Manual

LDS Preparedness Manual contains information from several authors all compiled into one.

You'll find a lot of information on food storage, supplies etc.

Have a look at AVOW website for more info on the manual.

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On this page I'll make mention of some companies that make great software, offer great customer service or for some other reason I want to bring them up.
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Travel Advisories

In light of what's going on in the world these days, please be vigilant with any traveling you may be planning.

Faith in these troubled times we live in.

Avoid Bear Attacks!

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